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Get Your Own Coffee Roaster and Grinder for the Ultimate in Freshness

Accessories - Ruth - October 22, 2020

If you are a java connoisseur, chances are that you enjoy the truest most fresh taste when it comes to your coffee beverage. The best way to get this is to have your own coffee roaster and grinder right at home. You can also get the commercial coffee roaster and grinder for a small café or restaurant.

When you buy beans, they are generally pre roasted and or pre ground. This can still make a great cup of coffee or espresso, but once you have tried the ones fresh from the coffee roaster and grinder, then you will smell the aroma and taste the difference.

Even just grinding your own will make a difference. It is one of the best things you can do to treat yourself – taste the wonderful flavor of your ground beans. If you choose the coffee roaster and grinder method, there are a few to select from.

To roast the beans is the greatest love of those coffee addicts. It intensifies the aroma and develops the flavor. This is the most important stage.

A well roasted coffee is dark brown, but not black in color. There are several different roasting machines to choose from.

The drum method is when a drum machine roasts the coffee beans in a rotating drum which is heated by gas. When it is complete, the beans are poured to cool and to keep them from being overcooked.

The hot air method is when the hot air machine roasts the coffee beans on a hot air current. Most of the green coffee is roasted at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some people will even try to roast the beans in an ordinary frying pan. It is somewhat difficult to get the same consistent flavor with this method.

Once the roasting process is done, you will want to grind the beans to get your pot of coffee. There are several brands to choose from for grinders. You will notice a big difference if your use your own coffee roaster and grinder right from your home.

Some of the brands you will find for grinders:

Each of the manufacturers will have their own features and their own pricing. It is worth it to compare a few.

The zip one is more for commercial purposes. It does a great job and is a flat burr grinder, but you will pay quite a bit for this one. The traditional styles look antiqueish. These are a great item to add to your kitchen. Some of the grinders will be electric and others will be a hand grinder. The wooden ones are absolutely charming.

There simply is no better way to guarantee fresh coffee then roasting your own with your own coffee roaster and grinder!

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