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Nice Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast, Food & Drinks - Ruth - October 28, 2020

I’ve seen many people skip their breakfast to curb the calories and lose weight fast or just due to lack of time. Unfortunately skipping meals particularly breakfast makes it more difficult to control your weight gain. Eating sparsely or not at all in the morning will force you to eat more during lunch or binge on snacks to stop your hunger. Breakfast is also the first meal of the day that helps you get along through the best part of your day. So taking a hearty breakfast is the right way to kick-start your day. Here are some excellent and mouth-watering recipes to make your breakfast appetizing and fulfilling.

Simple meals are the best always. Hence, I’ve started with this recipe. Take two whole grain bread slices and toast them lightly. Top a slice with avocado smashed nicely. Sprinkle some pepper and salt on the avocado. Top the avocado with two halves of eggs with their sunny side pointed up. Stack the bread in an airtight container or turn it into a sandwich by boiling the eggs well.

Smoothies form a power packed and fun filled meal that can be taken at any time in a day. They are rich in fibre, nutrients, fruits, vegetables and antioxidants. Take a frozen banana and blend it with peanut butter of about 2 tablespoons. Add some ice cubes and one cup of almond milk and blend well. If you are using the smoothie as morning snack, store it in an airtight container and take it with you to work or the gym. If you are making a smoothie for lunch, prepare it the previous night and freeze it. Remove the smoothie and by lunchtime, it will be ready to eat. For added protein boost, use vanilla or chocolate protein.

This is very easy to prepare and the healthiest too. You can make this with any topping you prefer. Choose the fruits available or those you like. Seasonal fruits offer the best option.

Burritos are my all-time favourite. They are easy to prepare beforehand. Add 2 tablespoons of shredded cheese and salsa to a quarter cup of black beans and two scrambled egg whites. Place the mixture on a whole-wheat grain tortilla and wrap it in a foil. Freeze it and whenever needed pop it in the microwave, and your meal is ready. The beans and eggs provide plenty of proteins, while the salsa and cheese add taste and flavour making the meal fun and satisfying.

Use the classic loaf of bread and turn it into oatmeal in simple steps. Add Zucchini, oats and pecans or walnuts to the flour, while preparing the bread loaf. The veggies, nuts and oats increase the nutrient value greatly giving you a well-balanced breakfast.

While making a muffin, add oats, zucchini, carrots, raisings and sugar to make a perfect snack or breakfast. For smaller sized muffins, add smaller amounts of oats, veggies and sugar. Using brown sugar, instead of refined sugar, also increases the health value of the food.

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