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Top Email Marketing Mistakes – Avoid the mistakes

Business Finance, Guide, Marketing - Ruth - September 8, 2021

We start with the most important point, not having permission. is built on the foundation of Permission Marketing. This means a subscriber must have opted-in to receive information from you, because they are interested in the products or services you offer.

You can click at the to avoid the mistakes in getting the marketing services. There is a need to take the subscription of the correct marketing strategies to have the desired results. The implementation of the right approach will offer the desired results to marketers.

Purchasing lists is also a big no no. The bottom line is that if a subscriber hasn’t given you permission to contact them, they shouldn’t be contacted. It is more beneficial to focus on people that do want to hear from you, than those that don’t.

Assuming your customers remember who you are

It’s very easy to assume that your customers remember who you are. However, your customers may be receiving emails from several companies in your area of expertise and not just yourself. As a result of this, we recommend that you add a sentence at the top of your emails reminding them who you are, what you do and why they are receiving emails from you.

This will immediately remind them and as a result, your customers may be more inclined to read your emails, click the links and see the special offers you are advertising.

Targeting the wrong subscribers

Before you send out an email, have a think about who your audience are and who will benefit most from receiving such information from you. This will help you target the correct subscribers and hopefully lead to higher open and click through rates.

To find out how to do this please visit our help guide. You also may want to filter your subscribers even further, and send your email out to subscribers who meet the profile selection that you choose. Using, you can create a profile search for gender, marital status, employment status, country, county, town or even a subscriber profile you have added yourself. For example a nightclub may have an offer where ladies get half price entry, so they can easily create a search to target females only for their campaign.

Incorrect links and spelling errors

We recommend including links in your email campaign as they provide a way of tracking the success of your emails, using the click through rate statistics. However, it’s important to include relevant links that the recipient will be interested in viewing.

It is very easy to make a spelling mistake in your newsletter, or even type the wrong word completely and not notice this yourself. Our campaign editor has a built in spell check function that I recommend using. Just click the spell check icon to run a spell check on your campaign. Of course, this is no substitute for a second pair of eyes, so if possible ask a colleague or friend to read through your campaign and test your links before you push the button.

Not testing to all email clients

By testing your email across all the main clients you can make sure your design is compatible and readable for all your subscribers no matter what email client they view this in. Many email clients treat coded emails differently. For example, Outlook 2007 won’t show background images and browser-based email clients like Hotmail , Yahoo, Gmail will strip out your “HTML”, “HEAD” and “BODY” tags, causing some content to be ignored. See our easy to digest article on Outlook 2007 and its effect on email marketing for further information.

Banana-Split Testing

Use our Split Testing feature to send the same campaign but with different subject lines to your subscribers, to see what gets better results.

For example, you can create your newsletter as normal in the system, then duplicate the campaign several times and give these all different subject lines. Using our Split Test feature, you can send each version to either a number of subscribers or a percentage of your subscribers. After an amount of time (between 1 hour and 7 days) the winning campaign (either decided by open rate or click through rate) can be then sent to the remaining subscribers, ensuring the best possible results for your campaign.

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Exactly How A Debt Settlement Backend Company Can Prevent Home Equity Loan Foreclosures

Business Finance, Guide, Loans - Ruth - August 16, 2021

A Debt Settlement Backend Company can absolutely help settle home equity loan foreclosures. Home Equity Loan foreclosure cases are part of the overall foreclosure incidents that have been going up since the housing industry fall a few years ago. Home equity loans (HELs) in many cases are used for home improvements or other expenditures for the household. The mortgage could be at a fixed or adjustable rate and it’s secured by a mortgage lien. Precisely what takes place when you have a home equity loan that is, as previously stated, secured by your home and you foreclose your property.

You will most likely still end up being accountable for the loan that you have taken out. Obviously, your property can no longer be put into use as equity for the loan, but you will then have a personal legal responsibility. The creditor will most likely commence with collection measures if you’re no longer paying off your mortgage, plus they might even file for a lawsuit against you to secure the cash which you are obligated to repay them. Furthermore, if, following the property foreclosure, the public auction of the house isn’t going to pay for the full balance of the first mortgage, then you could also be liable for what is termed a “deficiency balance” on that initial mortgage. And this too could bring about a lot more collection activity and/or legal actions against you in order to collect the repayment owed. When, on the other hand, the revenue from the auction do cover all your mortgage and home equity loans, it’s quite possible that you could breathe a sigh of relief and end up being free of any kind of obligations. If you are facing very high amount of the problems in the procedure of this loan, then you should go for online money lending platforms to boost your credit score. It will be very easy for you to get the best result in the vital things very easily. 

In case you are having a home equity loan foreclosure, you’ll need help and support. There are not many worse experiences as compared to going through a property foreclosure and having your home repossessed, possibly one that you have resided in for some time. This is the most immediate result, but you also will go through a long-lasting effect on your credit score, which can hurt you in all your future undertakings.

In case you are not yet in foreclosure, or in case you simply think that your situation is getting out of control, then you should first speak to your lender. You may qualify for an exclusive forbearance which really means a modified payment plan. You might also try refinancing your mortgage so that you are able to afford it. Or, you might even be in a position to be eligible for a a FHA partial claim which makes a one-time payment to catch you up-to-date with what you owe.

A debt settlement backend company is ideal in case you are having a home equity foreclosure. Remember too that while the very thought of losing your home frightens you, it also very much scares your lender. In case your home goes into property foreclosure, your lender will very likely lose money, and whether they do or they do not generate losses, they are going to go through lots of paperwork, and spend a lot of extra effort and time on your foreclosure. In an effort to avoid home equity loan foreclosure, speak to your loan provider as soon as possible. Debt Settlement Processing companies offer expert services that will help you to prevent liability issues and hours and hours of frustration.

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