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Galina Sato: Businesswoman With Participation In 4 Different Companies In Zurich

Business Finance, Businesses - Ruth - April 7, 2022

Galina Sato is a Zurich-based businesswoman. Currently, she is actively associated with four companies, Granite Group Limited, WOODBRIDGE INVESTMENT AG, Seidencity AG, and Mirei AG. She started her journey in these four companies around the year 2019. Since then, she has been moving forward in her career at full speed.

She has been working in the finance industry for years. She has gained many important insights into the industry, making her eligible for the executive post in these four companies. Her present job profile states that she is the president of Granite Group Limited and part of the executive board for the other three companies. 

She joined Granite Group Limited and Seidencity AG in 2019 and solely focused on those two until the fourth quarter of the year 2020. Around that time, Mrs Mara Schaer entered the board of Mirei AG, and then by the third quarter of 2021, she also got associated with the company WOODBRIDGE INVESTMENT AG. All four companies are also Zurich-based and operate in different industries. 

Mrs. Sato’s ability to participate in four companies equally is a clear indicator of her skills and the experience she has gained by being in the industry. She actively participates in the decision-making process for all the companies and hires their top management personnel.

Her duties as the president of Granite Group Limited are shared by Evgenia Sato and Enrico Zanollo, who are board members . She gets full support from the management to look after the company’s operations. 

Here is a brief description of all the four companies in which Mrs. Sato is actively engaged:

Granite Group AG

Granite Group AG is a Zurich-based company founded in the year 2009. The company is actively engaged in fund management operations in the financial services industry. The company provides management and consulting services in the asset management and financial sector. Though note that it is not involved in brokerage activities, dealing in public funds, and related activities.  

Granit Group AG has been actively operating for the past 13 years, and currently, Galina Sato is the president.

Woodbridge Investment Ag

WOODBRIDGE INVESTMENT AG was founded in the year 2019 and operated in Zurich. The company is operating in the trade sector. The company is involved in trading in all sorts of goods related to management, acquisition holding, and selling the shares to foreign and domestic companies. They also take up international logistics and transport projects.

The decision-making authority of the company lies with Mrs. Galina Sato (Member of BOD).

Seidencity AG

Galina Sato founded Seidencity AG in the year 2013. The company operates in the real estate sector. The company’s primary operations include acquiring, holding, managing, selling, and leasing business premises to organizations. 

The company has been active for four years and plans to open a subsidiary or branch in the future.

Mirei AG

Mirei AG limited is a Zurich-based company that has been in operations since 2017. It is fully functional in the financial services sector. The company provides coaching consultancy in fund management services. The central decision-making authority is held by Galina Sato (a Member of the board of directors).

Mrs. Galina Sato is one example of how women lead the corporate world and reach new milestones in their lives. Her dedication to her career is an inspiration to many.

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All About Bodyguard Services

Businesses - Ruth - April 5, 2022

Even in these uncertain times, it’s important to take preventive steps to protect yourself from the unknown, which can need the use of an individual bodyguard. It’s never a bad idea to hire security guards to keep you and your loved ones safe, but even if you’re interested, you may not know where to begin if you don’t know how to go about it. To hire bodyguards in London, you need the correct information.

People who may benefit from the services of a personal bodyguard are

Many people connect bodyguards with celebrities and high-profile performances, yet many others may benefit from such services in their daily life. Bodyguard services may be beneficial to the following six types of people:

A very wealthy person

They may find themselves the target of unwelcome attention because of their position of power and wealth, such as CEOs or high-profile businesspeople. They may also be concerned about their own safety and security. This may be especially true while you’re on the road or attending large gatherings like conventions or rallies. Even while these folks may not be aware of any particular enemies, the fact remains that owning a large amount of money makes one a prime target for illegal behaviour. The presence of a bodyguard may help to mitigate potential dangers.

CEOs and other executives in the business world

Chief executive officers frequently find themselves in possession of significant amounts of money, or at least they are thought to since they hold the metaphorical “keys” to massive, successful organisations. Bodyguards are excellent for executive protection, particularly while travelling and more exposed to dangerous situations.

Number three on the list is the world of celebrities and entertainers

Celebrities are ideal candidates for personal protection services because of their high levels of fan loyalty. It’s always possible that fan encounters with celebrities might become ugly, no matter how innocent they seem to be.

Those who are featured in the media

Lottery winners and anyone involved in high-profile media events may need to get accustomed to being the focus of a great deal of attention. Things may go horribly wrong even if a lot of attention is paid to them. For this reason, persons who find themselves in the spotlight may want to think about employing a bodyguard as a means of self-defence.

Couples going through a divorce or having marital problems are only two instances

Divorce and other legal issues, such as marital disagreements, are seldom pleasant. Violence or attempts to exacerbate the situation are always possible in these scenarios. You should really consider employing a professional bodyguard in this situation. The bodyguard may monitor the activities and oversee family visits to ensure that no one is in danger and that order is maintained.

Those who go abroad

Even if all precautions are taken, thieves may target business travellers at any moment during their route. Criminals may try to abduct you, hold you hostage for ransom, or rob you if the opportunity arises. The most efficient way to decrease risks and make your travel as safe and worry-free as possible is to hire a bodyguard.

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Tips And Tricks To Select The LED Walls Accurately

Businesses - Ruth - December 16, 2021

Many people are entirely unable to select the LED walls for their event. This is because you do not check out the necessary items that are very vital in it. If you are also one of those people, you will be able to get many superior benefits with the help of LED walls. It will provide you with the motion graphics video background loops concisely. These things are essential while using the video content. It will automatically enhance the beauty of your content.

You should always select the experts for this activity, such as Professional LED wall provider Singapore. They will not compromise on the quality of this product. If you do not use the best quality, you will not get the many superior benefits.

How to select the LED walls very easily and comfortably?

Many excellent tips and tricks will help you select the LED walls very easily and comfortably. If you prefer this item, you will not be able to face any difficulty. It is indispensable for people to hire the professionals such as Professional LED wall provider Singapore. They will provide you with the best-LED walls without any problem. Other than that, you can also check out all these things for selecting the superior LED wall.

  • If you are facing a significant number of difficulties in selecting the LED walls, then you should check out the reviews and ratings of the particular service provider. There are many people who write their experience related to the service provider. It will be too much convenient for you to select the best one from these reviews.
  • Other than that, you can also take a significant number of benefits with the help of services that are provided by any professionals. If they are providing the best and latest screens, then you should pick them. It will be beneficial for you if you always select the latest screen for your event. There are many people who do not select the latest screen that is the main reason they are entirely unable to provide a great experience to their customers.
  • It is also very convenient for you to check out the video Jockey. You are getting a video Jockey or visual artist collective for handling the big screen, and then you should pick such kind of service provider. It will be really convenient for you to get a significant number of benefits with the help of the video Jockey. You will not have to worry about handling the screen. People will be able to enjoy their event very easily and comfortably with the help of a video Jockey.


This is all about the basic information that is entirely related to the tips and tricks that are very helpful in selecting the LED walls. You should check out all these things accurately before selecting any service provider. These things can quickly help you a lot and get the best result very easily and comfortably.

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The Uses Of Business Intelligence In The Modern World

Businesses, Guide, Internet, Technology - Ruth - October 12, 2021

In this fast-paced, changing, competitive, and global world, customers go on to expect the products and the services offered at the finest price with the max convenience in the delivery. Companies in nearly all industries are coping with minimizing costs and enhancing the supply chain operational efficiencies to stay ambitious and competitive. Most organizations invest and give time to advanced technology only to recognize a smaller percentage of the potential benefit.

Rather than taking up the enterprise-wide business initiatives for transformation – with the bigger budgets, longer timelines, and uncertainties – the organizations may reach the goals using the correct BIA, that lasts for Business Intelligence & Analytics strategy that’ll unwind process data and then turn it into an insightful key performance indicator (KPIs), enabling firms to realize the continuous improvements and enhancements in their business functioning.

It helps

Business Intelligence & Analytics may assist organizations in narrowing their focus via driving continuous improvement, assisting their business processes to continue to go and get better and a lot smarter with every cycle. 

What’s business intelligence?

BI, commonly known as Business intelligence, is nothing but software and services that will take on raw data and turn it into the practical and relevant insights that companies can use to strengthen their positions and business decisions. Business Intelligence tools analyze the larger sets of data depending on the queries generally written to fetch particular kinds of info. The results are then formatted and displayed as graphs, summaries, reports, maps, and charts for further decision-making analysis. 

Advantages of using the business intelligence for an internal process improvement

The industry and global changes will affect the business processes at a certain point, meaning your business will require to evolve all the processes to stay competitive. Using the Business Intelligence to collect workflow-based info offers numerous benefits, including the following-

  • Lessening the time that’s taken to make a decision
  • Optimizing the internal processes to assist your employees to focus on the higher-value work
  • Lessening the time taken to get the products or services to the market
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction with the help of improved efficiencies and far better services
  • Freeing up additional time to concentrate on several other things, like the customer retention initiative & the quality
  • Overall enhanced operational agility and efficiency 

Business intelligence tool for process improvement

The moment it all comes down to finding the right BI tool to enhance the processes, there are distinct ones to opt from. Here is listing a few that stands out, based on none other than Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. 

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Qlik Sense
  • Sisense
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence
  • SQL Server Services of Reporting

Process-based BI can assist you in gathering insights that will help the teams become a tad bit more productive and the customers more satisfied. Before you choose one, ensure you identify the processes involved that need a bit of improvement, isolate the goals, and find the Business Intelligence solution that’ll best meet the intended purpose. To know more, you may check the link- 

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What Are The Factors To Be Considered While Selecting Web Hosting Professionals?

Businesses - Ruth - September 5, 2021

Starting a new website is the most common activity among people these days; if we talk about today’s scenario, then technology has advanced a lot that people keep on developing new websites from time to time. Therefore, website builders are the best solution for both individual and small businesses to start with a new website without hiring any kind of developers.

There is not a single option of the website builder that is available in the market. Instead, there are various available options, out of which you have to select the one that is considered the best option.

Factors to be considered while selecting the website builder

If you are planning to start a new website, then the first thing that you have to consider is the various competitors that are available in the market; analyzing the competitors will help you in making an analysis in a better way and reaching the right decision on the right time.

There are various factors that a person must consider while selecting the best website builder so that the person ends up in taking the right decision. Now we will discuss in detail about some of such factors.

  • Ease of using

In case if you are a beginner in the world of web designing, then in that also you can easily use the website hosting like godaddy as it is quite easy for a person to use.

 This is a platform that provides a variety of features to the users; they can do time to time editing and customization.

  • Designing and features

On the basis of the type of web designer, you select the type of template offers by the platform differs. You can select the one that you think is as per your requirement. The flexibility offered by the web designer differs based on the platform you are selecting; different features are offered like google analytics, third-party marketing tools, etc.

  • Customer support services

Most of website builders offer complete day services to their customers. So that the customers can avail the services as and when they feel like taking the facilities. Even the steps to be followed are so simple that a person can easily do so,

  • Data portability

Most of the people do not consider this factor while making the selection of the web builder, but this is the most crucial factor that must be considered by the people. Data ownership and portability is an essential factor that must be considered by the people, portability of the data will help you use the platform in a better way.

  • Pricing of the web builders

As we all know, competition is increasing at a tremendous rate in all the sectors, and in this competitive world, getting the right option of the builder at an affordable rate is a must. Pricing of the web builders is the prime factor that must be considered while making the decision. A person decides after considering their complete budget.

The above mentioned are some of the factors that must be considered at the time of purchase of the web builders. However, as there are various options that are available these days, so selecting the most reliable one is not an easy task.

One must be very alert while taking the decision as the decision will help the person in the future. Once you are clear that these are the factors that will help in the selection of the best professional web hosting like godaddy. Now we will discuss some of the reasons why web hosting professionals are gaining tremendous popularity in society:

The low long term cost

Once the website is created, it will continue to operate for a more extended period of time, so it is an excellent option to hire professionals. As in case if a person notices the long-term costing hiring a professional will be a good option.

Technical support

Most of professional  web hosting like godaddy will provide the technical support to the users, and this facility will help in the proper functioning of the website. Moreover, an excellent technical resource helps in the better performance of the websites for a more extended time period.

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