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Exploring Different Types Of Gold Investments with a Gold IRA Custodian

Investment - Ruth - August 22, 2023

Gold has been a reliable store of value for thousands of years, and it continues to be a mainstay in the world economy. Investing in gold has become popular among investors who are looking to diversify their retirement portfolios. With the help of a knowledgeable gold IRA custodian, you can explore different types of gold investments within your individual retirement account (IRA). But which are the most reputable gold IRA companies?

A Gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is an IRS-approved way for individuals to invest in physical gold and other precious metals as part of their retirement portfolio. A Gold IRA operates similar to any other traditional IRA. Still, instead of investing money into stocks or mutual funds, investors purchase approved physical bullion coins or bars such as American Eagles, British Britannias, Canadian Maple Leafs, and Krugerrands. The advantage of investing with a self-directed Gold IRA is that profits from these investments are free from taxes until they’re withdrawn upon retirement age.

Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

Many investors choose to include gold and silver in their retirement accounts because these precious metals offer multiple benefits:

• Security: Precious metal investments can protect against market volatility since values tend to remain stable over time.

• Diversification: By adding different forms of gold into your portfolio – including coins, bars, rounds – you can diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds.

• Liquidity: Physical metals have held their value for millennia and are easy to liquidate when necessary.

• Growth Potential: As global economies fluctuate due to inflationary pressures or pandemics like COVID19 , demand for precious metals tends to rise; this could result in higher returns on investment down the road.

Types of Precious Metal Investments Available Through an IRA

When opening up an Individual Retirement Account through a trusted custodian such as iTrust Capital, you can access various gold investments that may fit your needs and preferences. Here’s an overview of some common types available through our self-directed IRAs :

Bullion Coins & Bars

Bullion coins and bars are what many investors expect when they think about buying gold for their portfolios. Bullion coins, such as American Eagle bullions, come pre-minted with specific weights (usually one ounce), while bar sizes vary depending on weight – from 10oz bars all the way up to 400oz bars. Bullion products are typically made from either 22k (.9167 purity) or 24k (.9999 purity) pure and are sourced from government mints around the world.

Numismatic Coins & Collectibles

While bullion products focus more on metal content than collectible value, numismatic coins contain both intrinsic value (metal content) and an additional collectible premium based on rarity factors such as condition, year of mintage, scarcity, etc. These unique characteristics make them desirable collector’s items; however, as they can carry large premiums over the spot price, they should only be purchased if you plan to hold them for the long term.

Rare coins & ancient artefacts

Investors interested in rare historical items will find options such as ancient artefacts dating back hundreds or even thousands of years – including coins issued by Persian empires, Roman emperors, medieval kings/queens – as well as foreign currency notes offered by established trading houses. Such items have significant potential for appreciation due to rarity factors, but additional research is recommended before making a purchase, as prices can vary widely between dealers.

So there you have it – an overview of the different types of precious metal investments available through a self-directed individual retirement account using iTrust Capital’s secure platform. Whether you prefer low risk bullion or high appreciation numismatics, we provide access and guidance so you can confidently choose the right asset class for your unique investment goals!

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