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Buying Guide For Choosing A Right Type Of Coloured Contact Lens!

Buying Guide, Guide, Lenses - Ruth - December 11, 2021

With the help of a coloured contact lens, you will be able to change the overall look and colour of your eyes. It will make your eyes bold as well as you will boost up your self-esteem and get confidence. If you want to enhance your look and want to look cool and stylish, then go for coloured contact lenses. The biggest benefit of getting coloured contact lenses is that through this, you will get lenses with both power and without power both. 

This lens helps you to correct your astigmatism, through which near and farsightedness will be improved easily. It depends on you that why you are wearing coloured contact lenses as it can be for correcting vision and changing eye colour too. It is beneficial for you to get a coloured contact lenses prescription from the doctor. 

Know about a different types of coloured contact lenses:

Before you choose any type of contact lens, it is beneficial for you to know the right type of coloured contact lens further:

These coloured contact lenses are specially designed to give a natural embrace to your eyes. Lens will look natural because coloured lines will automatically arrange in your eyes in a tiny form. It will give you a clear vision when placed in the centre of the lens. There are three basic types. 

Visibility tint: the first one is visibility tint which comes with a tint of green as well as light blue colour on the lens. During the time of insertion of the lens or removal of the lens, you will be able to see a tint on the lens clearly. It will not affect the colour of your eyes because it is relatively faint, which will only be seen while insertion or removal only. 

Enhancement tint: the enhancement tint is the second type of coloured contact lenses through which you can see clearly because it comes with a darker tint which is visible easily. It is in the form of solid but translucent form. It is in the form of an enhancement tint through which you will be able to maintain and enhance the natural colour of your eye. If you have slightly light coloured of eyes, then you can easily go through the option of enhancement tint because it will make your eye colour more intense.

Opaque tint: last but not least is the third type of coloured contact lens which is opaque tint. This tint is a transparent tint that will completely change the colour of your eyes because it is specially designed for darker eyes. If you want to change the overall colour of your eyes, then you can go for this opaque tint. It comes with a large variety of options for choosing colours such as hazel, green, blue, amethyst, brown, grey and red demon eye contacts. It is widely available, and you can easily get it but make sure that you have a prescription. 

How to choose the right type of coloured contact lens?

For choosing the right type, you need to acknowledge the natural colour of your eye. Through this, you will be able to get the desired coloured lens for your eyes.

  • For light eyes: if you have light colour eyes, then you can go for enhancement tint because here all the natural colours come such as grey, blue and green. You can also choose a blue-red colour tone if you need a dramatic look for your eyes so that everyone will notice easily. 
  • For darker eyes: for darker eyes, choosing the option of honey brown and the hazel lens is best for you because it will look natural with darker eyes. The coloured contact lenses also offer vivid colours such as blue, violet and green for that individual who have slightly darker skin. 
  • Choosing custom-tinted contact lenses: for getting a customized colour for your eyes, you can go for the option of custom-tinted contact lenses. You will get these lenses without getting a prescription from the doctor. 

By acknowledging all the information which is listed above, you will get to know about the right type and suggestions for choosing the right type of coloured contact lenses further. 

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