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Get The Best Yield From Your Marijuana Seeds Bank

CBD, Guide, Marijuana - Ruth - October 12, 2021

Marijuana is also known as a pod, Mary, herb or weed. We have all heard of one or the other term of this drug. Something that everyone seems to be drowning in nowadays. But what is marijuana and what does it do to you? This is also important to know before we consume it.

Marijuana is a hallucinogen, often used as a recreational drug. It helps you escape from the reality of the world for a while. Under the influence, one feels ecstatic and don’t have their feet on the ground. Feeling elevated and happy. Something real-life often lacks for some. But cultivating marijuana has also become a major business. How to start cultivating marijuana on your own with a marijuana seed bank?

Marijuana Seeds Bank Would Help

Growing any plant would need the mother seed of it. Even marijuana is the same since it is derived from a plant. The seeds bank is the collection of the required marijuana seeds. If they are planted and cultivated the right way, you will have the best quality marijuana. Smoking from self-cultivated marijuana seeds is always a different kind of ecstasy.

But one must make sure they get the right kind of seeds. Buy it from an authorized and verified seeds bank alone. 

The Right Cultivation

Before going to cultivation, you must know the kind of plant you want. Do you want the budding female buds that have the psychoactive drugs of THC or the smaller male buds? The answer would most probably be the female buds. So make sure to buy the right seed before going to cultivate. Once you have that, plant them in the budding season.

The budding season lasts between April to October. If planted in any other season, the yield wouldn’t be as great. If you have used organic soil, then the only other task for you is to add water. But make sure to add just the right amount or the plant would be flooded.

Useful Tips For A Good Cultivation

Planting and growing plants are not everyone’s cup of tea. But that is okay. Here are a few tips to help you cultivate your marijuana.

Make sure you plant it in a pot. Do not ever plant your marijuana seeds inland or garden. They would grow to a different extent and you would end up having more marijuana yield than required. So only plant them in two different pots.

Also, if you are not growing them from marijuana seeds bank from the clone plant, then do not immediately expose them to sunlight. This would hurt the plant as they are not used to such intense light. Keep them in the shade for a few days.

To get the right amount of water, pick up the pot. If it feels heavy, then it has enough water and if it doesn’t then water them. So this would mean that you don’t have to water them every day. But if the plant is already flowering them make sure to give them excess water every day. The water should start running out of the pots before you stop.

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