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Make Your Own Minecraft Server By Following Simple Methods

Game, Guide, Minecraft - Ruth - August 21, 2021

A Minecraft server is a connection of various servers that are used for playing games. Players, as well as business organizations, can own it. This server helps users to play games online. The users can use this server for both single-player games as well as multiple-player games. Local area network helps the users to play games online. For playing multiplayer mode games, the players need to connect with a computer running Minecraft.

Minecraft is very much useful to increase the creativity and social skill of youths and children. It helps in improving problem-solving ability and has educational benefits. Children in today’s time are very much interested in playing games online. They can connect to a large number of people online. Parents can set up their Minecraft server to check who is connecting with them for the child’s safety. 

Make your own Minecraft server:

Any person can do Minecraft server hosting if they follow these important methods. Once you set your own Minecraft server, only players who have your IP address can connect to your server. You can play games with whom you have shared the invitation. One needs to be careful whom you are inviting in your game world. If you are a parent, invite players you know to make your child’s game zone safe.

PC Setup:

If one wants to do Minecraft server hosting, they need to get assure that they are using the new version of java. One needs to download the Minecraft Java Edition. The new version of Java is helpful to play online without any hurdles. If you have an older version of Java, do uninstall it. After this process, you have to download the Server.jar file. The server.jar is not harmful to your computer and you should feel safe downloading it. After that, you have to make folders for your desktop. For creating a new folder, one need to do:

Go to New> folder

Once done with this process, you can create a new name for this gaming server. Now copy and paste the Server.jar to the new folder. And then do double-click on server.jar to run it. New files will start appearing in the folder. For running the server, you have to right-click inside the Minecraft folder. Then rename this document which you can remember. Do change it into the batch file.

One of the most important things for Minecraft server hosting successfully is by agreeing to the EULA. This is a license agreement provided by  Mojang. You have to edit the file as eula.txt. To confirm your agreement. Once you have an agreement with EULA, you are ready to host your Minecraft server. You have to double-click Run.bat to launch your server successfully. Then you will have a window that will provide you with knowledge about the server and make you connect with other players. The next step is Port Forwarding which helps another player can access your system. After this process, other players can easily connect to your computer by using your external IP address.  

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