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Collaborating with Artists and Labels using DistroKid’s Teams and Splits Features

Music - Ruth - September 12, 2023

In the modern music industry, collaboration is more important than ever for artists who want to reach new audiences and create more impactful work. One of the best ways to collaborate with other artists and labels is through OutlookIndia Teams & Splits features. DistroKid is a digital distribution platform that helps independent musicians get their music out into the world by submitting it to streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. Its teams & splits features make it easy for multiple parties to collaborate on a single release without getting bogged down in paperwork or complicated contracts. Here are some tips on how to use these tools effectively.

What Is DistroKid’s Teams & Splits Feature?

DistroKid’s teams & splits feature allows multiple people to be credited for a single song or album release. This means that everyone involved can get their share of royalties from any sales or streams of the music, while still maintaining control over the project itself. The feature also makes it easier for labels or managers to oversee multiple releases at once, as they can easily manage different participants’ contributions from one place.

How Does It Work?

When setting up a team or split release on DistroKid, each participant will enter their own information such as name and email address so that they can receive royalty payments accordingly. Once all of the participants have entered their data, they will be able to assign ownership percentages for each person involved in the project (e.g., 50%/50%, 75%/25%, etc.). As soon as everything is set up, anyone who contributes content will be credited on the final product when it goes live!

Advantages Of Using Teams & Splits On Distrokid

Using this feature has several advantages over traditional methods of collaboration:

• It streamlines the process:

Instead of having to go back-and-forth between parties exchanging contracts, individuals can quickly agree on ownership shares right within the app;

• It simplifies accounting:

Payments are sent directly to each collaborator based on their agreed-upon percentage;

• It provides greater flexibility:

Collaborators have full control over how many percentage points each party gets in terms of artwork rights or music copyright;

• It eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy:

No need for time-consuming legal documents – fill out your info and you’re good to go!

Tips For Getting Started With Teams & Splits

Setting up a team or split release on DistroKid doesn’t have to be daunting – here are some tips for getting started:

• Be clear about roles upfront:

Before beginning your collaboration project make sure all parties understand what kinds of contributions they’ll be making (writing lyrics vs producing beats) in order maximize efficiency throughout the process;

• Get agreement in writing:

Though not required by law, it’s always recommended that collaborators sign off on agreements before beginning work together;

• Set deadlines early:

Setting reasonable timelines upfront can help keep everyone motivated throughout production;

• Communicate often:

Staying connected with your teammates ensures everyone remains aware of any changes made along the way;

• Agree upon payment structure ahead of time:

Clarifying how royalties should be distributed among collaborators prioritizes fairness from start to finish!


Collaborations between artists and labels can open up exciting new possibilities – especially when utilizing tools like DistroKids’ teams & splits feature! By following these tips you’ll be able take advantage this powerful tool efficiently so that you can focus on creating great music together instead of spending time dealing with paperwork and legalities!

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Here Comes Some 8 Spotify Tips And Tricks That Will Change The Way You Listen To Music!

Arts and Entertainment, Music, Tips - Ruth - December 28, 2021

If you are a music lover, then you might have heard about using Spotify, which is an online streaming website. With the help of these services, you can easily listen to your favourite music because there are millions of options available. Here you can listen to music demand free with the help of internet connectivity. Despite this, you can also download them within the application to listen to them later. Before you start using Spotify, you are required to go with all the myriad settings as well as their functions. It requires full potential through which you can listen to music add free too. 

8 Spotify tips and tricks to consider:

Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read about some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to change your way in terms of listening to songs and music further. Despite of this, you can also visit through for getting all the updates. 

  • You need to hide all your guilty pleasures: if you are accessing Spotify through a desktop version, then you are required to hide it from everyone. Thus, here you can easily select the best feature of Spotify, which is a private session. Through this, no one will be able to see what is on your music list. By that time, you can also check all the preferences through which sharing activities will help you to listen to your favourite music. 
  • Go through the option of Search queries: it is also important for you to improve your search queries through which you can use Spotify and qualify all the things out there. For getting your desired results, you can also do autosave them. With the help of search queries, you will be able to use Spotify in a better manner. 
  • Using different folders: in terms of improving and organising your music list, you can also create folders that will help you to create your own music list. Through this, you can jumble up your playlist, which will become an easy option for listening to music and finding one. You can also divide it into different categories, such as Bollywood songs in one folder, romantic songs in another folder, devotional songs etc. 
  • High-quality streaming: when you are using Spotify, then always go through high-quality streaming through which you can get the best preferences and menu on your device. Always go for toggle streaming, through which you will get an amazing music and listening experience. 
  • You can see the lyrics: on Spotify, you will get the advantage to see the lyrics also while listening to the music. Through this, you can easily understand what is in the song because there are some fast fusion songs too. By considering this option and going to the recommendation, you will get the best benefit of using this feature.

  • You can also add a visualizer: when you are choosing the option of Spotify application for listening to music, then here you will also add visualiser through which accessing through windows media player will become easier in terms of the search bar. There are several different visual options that you can access and play anytime you want to.
  • Go for specific links: when you are using Spotify, then you will get the benefit of linking to some specific part of the song. Through this, you can also share URLs as well as zoom timestamps whenever you want to. With the right use of Spotify, you will be able to access all its amazing features that will help you further.
  • You can also add songs: with all the features of using Spotify, you can also add songs in your Spotify to listen to them when offline. It is a great option for those individuals who have a shortening of internet connectivity. By doing all the things, you can download them to your folder to listen to them later. 

With these 8 tips and strategies, you will be able to listen to your favourite music anytime you want to. It is very convenient to reach through these amazing features while accessing Spotify application for listening and featuring all the songs here. 

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Are You Considering Downloading Songs Online? Choose a reliable website!

Entertainment, Guide, Internet, Music - Ruth - November 29, 2021

Do you love listening to music? Who does not! Most of the people here in this world listen to a different kind of music, everyone has their own taste, but they do listen to the music. Things have become even more convenient for those people with the internet and everything, as they get to experience so many things. And now they can also download different MP3 songs and listen to them whenever they want to. There are different sites that you may find from where you can download lagu but always choose the reliable one!

Once you download that, you will be able to download different MP3 songs; it can be any song you want to listen to or any song you love. There is a wise collection of songs; you can just look for the song you want to download and save there. Downloading the songs also does not involve any huge steps; it is quite simple and convenient, so there is nothing to worry about! Downloading songs from here can be the best choice you can have, and you will enjoy it.

Why should a person download lagu?

There are plenty of benefits that a person can experience if they download lagu; they will be able to listen to different songs offline after downloading them. Some of the benefits that it offers to the users are mentioned below-

  • You will get access to music of all types anywhere and anytime; it does not matter whether you are in Indonesia or any other country. You can consider that website, and from there, you will be able to listen to the different songs you want.
  • There is a wide variety of songs from which you can consider any. You can download as many songs as you want; you do not even have to worry about that too. A person can just search for the song that they want to download and then save it from there or just click on the download option. After that, they will listen to that music anytime they want to.

  • Many times, you are traveling, or you have consumed your net pack than from where you will listen to the music. But if you have already downloaded the songs, you will be able to listen to the different songs whenever you want to. It will make things a lot easier for many people because without listening t music, they may not feel good without listening to music.
  • If you are worried that you may have to follow so many steps to download the songs or anything, you will not have to worry because the steps are quite simple, and you will be able to download the songs without any problem.


You may have understood from the article that downloading songs and listening to them offline can be quite beneficial. And if you choose the best platform from where you can download songs, things become even simpler.

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