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Learn How To Build Insane Muscle With Power Training Workouts

Bodybuilding, Guide, Protein - Ruth - October 10, 2021

Have you ever been in a state of affairs where you need to modify your planned workout as a result of time constraints? If it has not happened yet, rest assured that it will someday in your training career. Ok, let’s face it. By combining certain muscle mass building workouts, you will serve accelerate your muscle gains and decrease your time in the gym.

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But don’t fret, with Power Training Combos you will be able to get in a decent muscle mass workout and you may possibly be able to add some quality muscle on your frame as well.

Let’s mention that while the’re limitless combinations you can choose, the combinations shown below will maintain a vast amount of muscle with minimal time invested in the gym.

-Horizontal Pull / Vertical Push: Seated Cable Rows/ DB Military Press

-Full Body / Vertical Pull: Barbell Power Cleans / Pull Ups

-Vertical Pull / Hip Extension – Barbell Shrugs / DB RDL’s

As you will realize, these combos really target the musculature of the posterior chain primarily and this will give you a vast boost of growth hormone and pack on the pounds where it counts. Check out a sample muscle mass building workout below for a way to get your individual power building combo training going.

Sample Training Workout:

Warm Up:

-Foam Roller-IT Bands, Hammies, Quads, glutes

-Light Static Stretching out 3 x 10 s hammies, quad hip flexor

-Jump Rope


A- Deadlift 5 x 5

B- Military Press 5 x 5

C- DB Shrugs 5 x 15

D- Back Extensions 5 x 20

E- Abdominal Fallout’s 3 x 15

As you could learn here, the work is not required. Just be sure you perform the sets back to back and then take an appropriate time interval. It can be tough, but you will put away time and build strength and some serious muscle.

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