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Heart Of Love Couples Spread

Reference and Education - Ruth - August 24, 2021

Hot off the press and just in time for the holiday season, I give you, the Heart of Love Couples Spread! Say, “I love you!” with the gift of insight that only Tarot can bring. This spread was lovingly handcrafted and personally designed to look “under the hood/bonnet” of your relationship to help you take control of, and improve, your relationship through giving you plenty of knowledge, courtesy of Tarot!

I created this spread especially with couples in mind! It is designed to be a collaborative effort among three people. Both partner and their Tarot reader. Each partner “owns” part of this spread, and both partners “own” the five cards that describe their relationship. Each partner has seven cards devoted specifically to that individual to address each person’s relationship style on the individual level. Few Tarot love reading spreads devote that many cards to each partner and most that I have seen only offer one or two cards for each person in the relationship.

For those who have trouble seeing the labelled image, and starting from the top card on the left, they are Partner One’s Past, Partner One’s Present, Partner One at Home, Partner One’s Hopes, Partner One’s Fears, Others’ View of Partner One, and What Partner One Brings to the Relationship. Cards 8-14 are the same as above but for Partner Two. Next, outlined in red (the color of love) there are five cards to describe the relationship both partners share. Then, in the middle of the V-shape, there’s one card for Tips from Tarot which is wisdom directly from the Tarot itself for your relationship. Wrapping it all up is The Outcome card completes this masterpiece of love!

The Heart of Love Couples Spread was created to be thorough and to dig deep in order to help you uncover and understand YOUR relationship at its deepest level. Discover the wisdom your relationship has just for you! The Heart of Love Couples Spread is available for only USD 45.00! Order yours today!

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