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The Best Password Management Apps to Protect You from Identity Theft

Software - Ruth - September 20, 2023

Identity theft is a serious problem affecting millions of people each year. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect yourself from identity theft and one of these is by using a password manager. Password managers can help you create strong passwords and keep them organized, making it harder for hackers to gain access to your online accounts. In this article, we’ll take a look at Reddit’s choices for the best password management apps that can help protect you against identity theft.

A password manager is an application that securely stores all of your usernames and passwords in one place. It generates unique, complex passwords for each website or service you use, which makes it much more difficult for hackers to guess your login credentials. The app also encrypts your data so it’s not vulnerable to cyber criminals. Many password managers come with additional features such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and biometric logins (fingerprint/facial recognition).

Why Use a Password Manager?

Using a secure password manager makes managing multiple accounts easier without having to remember dozens of different usernames and passwords. Plus, they generate random, unique passwords that are much harder for cyber criminals to guess than “password123” or “123456”. They also store all of your sensitive information so you don’t have to worry about remembering credit card numbers or other personal details when you shop online. Finally, many password managers offer additional security features such as 2FA and biometric logins so you can be sure your data stays safe even if your device gets stolen or hacked.

What Are Reddit’s Choices For The Best Password Management Apps?

When it comes to choosing the best password management app, Reddit users have some clear favorites. According to recent polls on the site, LastPass appears to be the most popular choice, followed closely by Dashlane and 1Password, respectively:

• LastPass: This app offers unlimited storage across devices with its free version while paid plans offer extra features like priority customer support and advanced multi-factor authentication options including biometrics support (fingerprint/facial recognition).

• Dashlane: This app allows you store an unlimited number of passwords with its free version while premium plans let you share encrypted files securely with others plus get priority customer support 24/7 via chat or email .

• 1Password: This app stores an unlimited number of passwords across multiple devices with its free version while paid plans offer up additional security measures like advanced multi-factor authentication options including fingerprint/facial recognition logins plus streamlined form filling tools (automatically fills out forms in web browsers).

How Can A Password Manager Help Protect You Against Identity Theft?

A good password manager can help prevent identity theft by providing an extra layer of protection against hackers trying to access your accounts. For example, by creating strong passwords that are randomised strings of uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols, rather than easily guessed words or phrases, the encryption techniques used make it virtually impossible to hack into your account, even if someone does somehow gain access to one of them. In addition, many top-rated management apps offer two-factor authentication, which requires users to enter an additional code sent via SMS, email, phone call, etc. before successfully logging in, further ensuring user security. Some apps also support biometrics, giving users an extra layer of security through facial/fingerprint recognition, whether their device has been stolen or lost altogether.

What are some other ways to protect yourself from identity theft?

In addition to using a secure password manager, there are several other steps you can take to protect yourself from identity theft:

– Monitor your credit score regularly – Monitoring your credit score regularly is essential to spot any suspicious activity, such as new accounts being opened in your name without your permission.

– Avoid phishing scams – Be wary of clicking on emails and websites that ask for sensitive information such as bank details and social security numbers, as they may be disguised attempts by cybercriminals to steal your identity. Always double-check who sent the message before entering any sensitive information.

– Install anti-virus software – Installing anti-virus software on all devices provides protection against malicious attacks & threats aimed at stealing personal information stored on computer systems. It takes minimal effort but pays big dividends if done properly.

The bottom line

Overall, implementing stronger digital security protocols through the use of strong password managers, combined with monitoring credit scores, avoiding phishing scams and installing anti-virus software, should significantly reduce the overall risk of identity theft. However, taking preventative steps now can pay dividends in the future, as the impact of identity fraud often goes far beyond simple financial loss, causing long-term damage to reputation and trustworthiness among peers.

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Find Secure & Safe Platforms To Send Private Messages Online

Software - Ruth - June 29, 2022

Sending classified work information within a work environment is necessary. Most people also send classified messages to their friends and family members. However, trusting an online service to send these private messages might seem risky. There are many malicious hackers online who can spy on your private message. It is one of the main reasons people look for trusted and reliable online platforms through which they can send secure private messages. So. it is imperative to find the best online private messaging platforms. 

About online private messaging sites

There are plenty of online platforms to send private messages. These platforms need to be reputed enough. Without a reputation, you cannot trust the platform. Malicious hackers online can spy on your private messages and use them for the wrong reasons. To avoid such a thing from happening, people need to find a secure place where they can send private messages to friends, families, and co-workers. 

Free online private messaging services can allow you to submit any hidden article. You can do that online securely and safely. Sending private messages through these online platforms is elementary, quick, and not intrusive. All you need to send these hidden private messages are user registration and password. It is one of the most trusted and reliable online private messaging platforms.

Features of private message sites

The private messaging platforms online are designed in such a way that they can serve everyone. People opt for online private messaging services that are free for everyone. These platforms offer legitimate private notes and encryption. Every member of these online free websites can benefit from the numerous features the websites offer. These features are the highlights of these online platforms for sending private messages. 

The best online private message website provides equal opportunities to everyone. The website needs to be legitimate and safe for sending private messages. Passing on information would seem more manageable and faster. You can check these exciting features and verify the legitimacy of the online websites. One of the interesting features of these private messaging websites is their ability to self-destruct the sent messages. It means that your messages will get deleted after they are seen. 

Secure and trusted private messaging sites

People on the best private messaging platforms can enjoy sending secure messages to friends, families, and office colleagues. Your messages will be secure with a password. You can check for the best online website to send private messages. People can send complimentary automated messages to anyone they want. It is imperative to make sure communications with people are secure and safe. So, you need to search for the best private messaging platforms online. 

The first thing to consider while searching for a private messaging website is their safety. The website should make your private messages discreet. It is also imperative to ensure that your messages are well-protected from malicious hackers. It can lead to many unimaginable criminal offenses. You have to be safe from all these online malicious hackers and protect your messages. So, send a private message through the most trusted online website. You can enjoy private messaging online without the fear of getting hacked. Find the best online private messaging website now. 

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iTop Most Priorities You Should Look For Before Having Trading Software

Guide, Software, Trading - Ruth - May 21, 2022

Trading software provides financial traders with a way to manage trades, stocks, and securities. The software guarantees investors peace of mind when it comes to their investments, as it is hard for traders to scam every other trader that they are in the same trade. Trading software also helps with risk management because traders can see what type of market they are entering to help decide if they should raise or lower their risk. 

Many trading companies use trading softwares such as eToro Trading, which allows users a marketplace where they can trade stocks and cryptocurrencies on their home computers. But before having the benefits of these bots, you need to look for genuine trading software. So here are some of the points suggested that you can consider before choosing any.  

Cost and Other Considerations

The cost of the trading software is essential because it will decide the size of your investments. You should, therefore, look for a trading platform with all the features and advantages you need without overloading you with costs. 

Cost aside; you should know that trading software services charge every month or as extended as you want them to be. The higher fees are, the longer your investment period is. EToro has posted about their fees in an interview with CNBC that trading for cryptocurrencies can cost anywhere from $5-20 per month.

Expertise In the Trading Software

Before going to a company that offers you trading software, be aware that it is essential to look at their experience in the industry. The best trading software is those used by professionals for quite a long time. Therefore, when choosing, ensure that the trading platform has been in business for a while and has stayed profitable after being in operation.  

 The Profit the Trading Software Offers

You should look at the profit of trading software and not just the cost. The best trading software is designed to help traders make as many profits as possible. So, from a seller you want to buy from, you need a platform that gives you a lot of profit.  


You should look for a trading platform that has proven that it can run like clockwork, even with good market conditions. You should not have to worry about your investment when there is no way of withdrawing them when they aren’t working or keep being down because there’s an upgrade in the system.  

 Trading Software that is User-Friendly

You should choose trading software that is easy to use. The best trading softwares are those that are intuitive and simple to use. You should go for the one with a good user interface (UI) with vital trading information such as market data, charting, and account information.  

Trading Software that Keep Records

You need to know the trade history of a platform or exchange you want to invest in before deciding on them. Some platforms keep records of your trades while others do not, so it’s essential to be sure they will not erase your records and give you no chance of recovering them in any way possible.  

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Any Desk- Usage Made Easy

Computer & Technology, Guide, Software - Ruth - August 8, 2021

We have definitely made great inroads in the technological advancements when it comes to software and hope to do even better in the near future because it is inevitable for technology to undergo change every now and then.

Change is the spice of life and you cannot expect to be using an 80s model PC in the 21st century and the present day model too will go out of fashion a couple of years from now because this change has come at a torrent phase.

Speaking of software, it is important to mention Any Desk in the current given the popularity that it has seen since the past few decades and continues to grow with each passing decade so let’s get into the discussion without further ado.

Desktop Application

Any Desk has been defined as the desktop application where its software is programmed in such a manner so as to provide it with independent access to personal computers and similar devices with running the host application and this has seen enormous success in the past few years.

Any Desk software was founded in 2014 with its headquarters being in Stuttgart, Germany and became popular all over Europe within a year and its impact was such that it slowly started spreading its wings across the globe where subsidiaries can be found in US and China.

You all must be fond of watching videos on numerous online platforms because Any Desk helps in adjusting the sound transmission where you can reduce transmitted amount of data to a lower phase because its program size in total is 3MB.

If you want to install Any Desk on any gadget that you possess for it can be done by getting administrative permission and almost everyone has access to a smart phone or computer nowadays so there is no reason for you to delay any further.

However just like any other device, one needs to exercise caution while handling software like Any Desk because you are liable to fall prey to cyber criminals and get scammed big time if you fall for any of their fake schemes.

Reserve Bank of India issued a warning a couple of years back regarding a digital banking fraud by specifically mentioning Any Desk as the channel falling victim to fraud where fraudsters claiming to work at Any Desk conned users into downloading Any Desk app and cunningly making them reveal the 9 digit access code for getting permission following which they would siphon off all the money via UPI.


To avoid any of the above from happening, make sure to reboot your device because Any Desk allows its users to reboot without getting standard where you have to select ‘Actions’ and restart your device to begin the process.

Nowadays people are working from home and sitting by their PC for hours so adjust your visual settings by optimizing the screen through display settings on full screen mode.

Remote session helps in connecting with official clients but there are times where you don’t feel like opening a new session so you can promptly switch sides by clicking ‘Action’ that grants access to your client to view your desktop.

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