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Any Desk- Usage Made Easy

Computer & Technology, Guide, Software - Ruth - August 8, 2021

We have definitely made great inroads in the technological advancements when it comes to software and hope to do even better in the near future because it is inevitable for technology to undergo change every now and then.

Change is the spice of life and you cannot expect to be using an 80s model PC in the 21st century and the present day model too will go out of fashion a couple of years from now because this change has come at a torrent phase.

Speaking of software, it is important to mention Any Desk in the current given the popularity that it has seen since the past few decades and continues to grow with each passing decade so let’s get into the discussion without further ado.

Desktop Application

Any Desk has been defined as the desktop application where its software is programmed in such a manner so as to provide it with independent access to personal computers and similar devices with running the host application and this has seen enormous success in the past few years.

Any Desk software was founded in 2014 with its headquarters being in Stuttgart, Germany and became popular all over Europe within a year and its impact was such that it slowly started spreading its wings across the globe where subsidiaries can be found in US and China.

You all must be fond of watching videos on numerous online platforms because Any Desk helps in adjusting the sound transmission where you can reduce transmitted amount of data to a lower phase because its program size in total is 3MB.

If you want to install Any Desk on any gadget that you possess for it can be done by getting administrative permission and almost everyone has access to a smart phone or computer nowadays so there is no reason for you to delay any further.

However just like any other device, one needs to exercise caution while handling software like Any Desk because you are liable to fall prey to cyber criminals and get scammed big time if you fall for any of their fake schemes.

Reserve Bank of India issued a warning a couple of years back regarding a digital banking fraud by specifically mentioning Any Desk as the channel falling victim to fraud where fraudsters claiming to work at Any Desk conned users into downloading Any Desk app and cunningly making them reveal the 9 digit access code for getting permission following which they would siphon off all the money via UPI.


To avoid any of the above from happening, make sure to reboot your device because Any Desk allows its users to reboot without getting standard where you have to select ‘Actions’ and restart your device to begin the process.

Nowadays people are working from home and sitting by their PC for hours so adjust your visual settings by optimizing the screen through display settings on full screen mode.

Remote session helps in connecting with official clients but there are times where you don’t feel like opening a new session so you can promptly switch sides by clicking ‘Action’ that grants access to your client to view your desktop.

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