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Some Tips That You Should Follow If You Are Getting Inked

Tattoo - Ruth - September 1, 2021

We have seen that the craze for tattoos is increasing among youngsters, especially among boys having a fit body. However, you will find that all people in your house also have some tattoos on their bodies. Most of them have religious tattoos on the backside of their hands. But now, different technology has emerged like Tktx, due to which getting a tattoo on your body is simple and almost pain-free. 

Years ago, having a tattoo on your body was so painful that people didn’t like to have a tattoo on your body. A critical and challenging task to decide to get inked. It is termed as tricky because many people still think that it is excruciating. Once you decide, then there are certain things that you should take care of before and after getting a tattoo. If you follow all of them, there are high chances that you will get another tattoo very soon.

Tips that you should follow before getting a tattoo

  • Avoid certain things

Before getting a tattoo, make sure that you do not drink alcohol or caffeine in any form. It is because both things make your blood circulation fast, and your blood texture gets thin. If your blood gets there before you are getting a tattoo, then you might face the problem of high bleeding. But if you do not consume both of them, you might not lose that much blood, which you will lose after consuming them. It will make things more complicated.

  • Remain hydrated

However, it is imperative for every person to remain fit and have glowing skin. But if you are not habitual of drinking a lot of water, you should avoid getting a tattoo. Because a hydrated body always ensures that your body can bear the pressure of the needle. 

Especially when you are thinking of getting a big tattoo, not taking proper food and water before going for Inking might cause you dizziness and low blood pressure. This will make your experience of getting a tattoo very painful. So make sure that you eat heavy food and drink plenty of water. Make sure that you are drinking at least two liters of water daily.

  1. Do not take medicines.

It is highly advised that you avoid taking medicine at least 48 hours before going for a tattoo. This is because there are so many medicines in the market that make your blood thin. We do not know which medicine makes our blood thin. 

That is why we should avoid all the medicines. Only when you are having an emergency consume the medicine; otherwise, avoid it. So many tattoo artists give you a list of medicines that you should not consume before getting inked. If you take [pain killer and don’t worry, the artist is using Tktx to numb your area.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and do not use moisturizers on your body

When you are heading for a tattoo, make sure that you are wearing loose clothes. The primary purpose of wearing loose clothes is that the area where you want to have a tattoo is easily accessible. Also, avoid using any product on your body where you are planning to have a tattoo because it might create difficulty for the tattoo artist to draw a tattoo. They have their product Tktx which they will apply before starting the tattoo.

Tips that you should follow after getting a tattoo

  • Keep your tattoo cover

The tattoos are drawn by inserting the needle in your skin, making your skin more sensitive towards the dust and other particles present in the air. To avoid any reaction, you should make sure that you keep your tattoo cover unless your skin recovers fully. No one knows which thing creates problems on your skin. 

Sometimes getting touched with things also causes irritation and itchiness. So you have to take proper care of your hygiene. Make sure that you cover your tattoo with the bandage of your plastic paper for some hours after getting a tattoo.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

Make sure that the clothes you are wearing are comfortable and not causing any problem with your tattoo. Sometimes we wear tight skin-fit clothes, due to which our clothes get stuck with the tattoo. Try to wear loose clothes to avoid all these problems. First, you have to go somewhere there, and then we are those clothes that do not irritate your skin where you have a tattoo. If you want to take more care of your skin, you can cover it with a bandage.

  • Use moisturizer

All the tattoo artists give you some instruction after you are done with your tattoo. Their first instruction is that keep your skin moisturized. Because if the skin gets dry, then it might cause a stretch in your skin. It might be painful for some people. So make sure that you always keep a small moisturizer with you. It will make it easy for you to moisturize your skin from time to time. If you feel more pain, then you can also apply Tktx. It will make your skin numb for some time.

  1. Do not use excess water.

It is okay if your tattoo gets wet. But avoid keeping your tattoo in water for an extended period. It is because the water might get filled into your tattoo, which may cause swelling. So try to avoid taking bath in bathtubs, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools. Also, you can ask your tattoo artist then you can dive in again.

So these are the things that you should keep in your mind. It will help your skin to heal as soon as possible.

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